Payment Options

Offers 3 easy,safe,and fast payment options:

  • Transfer via BCA, ATM BCA, Internet Banking dan Bank Non-BCA.  BCA Account #5415112162, Account Name Felicia Santosa
  • Transfer via Mandiri, ATM Mandiri, Internet Banking.  Mandiri Account #1240005400404 , Account Name: Steven Aliwarga
  • Credit Cards Payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, etc – please register and checkout from our website)
  • Paypal

Payment Using Credit Cards and Paypal:

For More Info email us at

  • Register an Account at
  • Add to Cart, Checkout through our site using SSL verified 2checkout system(to ensure payment security)
  • After you made a payment through 2Checkout, Please email us your order information to such as: Name, Delivery Time and Address, and recipients and greetings. Please contact us if you have any questions on credit cards or PayPal payments.


  • Please choose your products
  • Click “add to cart” button to select your products
  • You will be directed to you shopping chat page to see the list of items you have selected
  • Click “Continue Shopping” button if you wish to add more items
  • Click “Empty Shopping Cart” to revise your order or “Checkout” to finish with you purchase.
  • Choose your delivery date on our calendar. Please note the available delivery date will be 2 days in advance, if you need it earlier, contact our 24 hours Live Chat Customer Service.
  • Continue to fill our delivery order information including billing and shipping addresses
  • Add comments inside comment box provided such as additional order information, special requests.

Choosing your delivery date, or we will assume you understand with our delivery procedures as listed below:

  • Before 3PM WIB, we will ship the order on the same day
  • After 3PM WIB, we will ship the order on the next day

Please pay your purchase to :

Account number: 5415112162
A/N: Felicia S.

Account number: 1240005400404
A/N: Steven A.

Please send us your payment receipt to :

SMS: +62 8179170062 (24/7)

Order by Phone / SMS

  • Call us at: +62 21 70562700 * Specify your product selection including delivery information and greetings you wish to include in the order.
  • Send us your payment receipt to or fax:+622152905630 (24 hours)

Payment Policy

  • We will process your individual order after we received payment confirmation from customers
  • We will automatically CANCEL individual order if we did not received payment confirmation after order was placed
  • Please re-order on our site for all cancel orders if you wish
  • Please refer to order confirmation to check the amount-purchased from in you Email.
  • For company order, we will process order after order was placed and recieved payment after all documents are submitted.


Phone: +62 21 70562700
Mobile: +62 8179170062
SMS: +62 8179170062
YM: kado_plus; kadoforyou